Prep For Success

When your patient experiences successful bariatric surgery—you both win.

But success isn’t solely determined by your skills as a surgeon. Your patient also plays an important role in determining a positive outcome. And far too often, your patient simply doesn’t have the behavioral skills necessary to achieve weight loss success. What’s more, pre and post operative care can be daunting for surgeons—making it difficult for you and your practice to maximize time and profits.

So how do you overcome this Catch-22? How do you influence a patient’s behavior in such a way that maximizes both your valuable resources as well as your success rate?

Enter Prep for Success.

Fostering “model” bariatric patients

Prep For Success: The Road to Happiness and Health is an e-learning program brought to you by Chrysalis Healthcare Foundation, a nonprofit organization. The course gives your patients a comprehensive support system, helping them to navigate the many challenges that accompany bariatric surgery.

With it’s interactive e-learning environment, Prep For Success helps your patients:

  • Manage their health and weight—before and after surgery
  • Establish goals that lead to a healthier lifestyle
  • Evaluate personal progress
  • Recognize emotional food triggers and develop the skills to change them
  • Learn proper nutrition, including portion control
  • Track calories, carbs and fat
  • Boost physical activity and intensity
  • Calculate their target heart rate
  • And much, much more!

Best of all, the Prep For Success e-learning program is a course your patients will take on their own, which means you’ll maximize your valuable resources.

“It’s more personal than other large programs …”

“I like the follow-up, support and maintenance program after you lose the weight. I especially like the small group setting. It’s more personal than other large programs where they don’t even know your name.”

– Paula


Learning lifelong skills

Worried that your patients won’t retain or use the information they learn?

Don’t be.

Each 10 to 15-minute session is highly interactive, and patients are quizzed before advancing to the next section. Patients are also given actions items to complete as homework. This interactive approach leads to higher retention and learning. What’s more, patients will be able to present you with a certificate of completion, demonstrating their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

For as little as $35 per patient, Prep For Success is the perfect pre and post operative support system for your bariatric practice.

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